Murals and Art competition 2019

On behalf of The Waterfront Market and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, we welcome you to the second annual mural and ART competition, an initiative that has been launched in the hopes of inspiring the community and endorsing budding artists throughout the UAE.

Joining forces to bring the competition to life, The Waterfront Market and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority are offering two creative masterminds the chance to win and showcase their work to the world; this year, the competition will announce two winners; the first painter, who will be awarded with painting the winning work on a wall at The Waterfront Market; the second a sculptor, who’s cleverly crafted creation will be memorialised in the halls for years to come.

Giving up-and-coming innovators the opportunity to become known for an award-winning works of art, the dual winners will also be rewarded with 15,000AED each, a whopping 30,000AED in total that has generously been presented by Waterfront Market.

Following a theme that very much ties in with the country’s vision for 2019, the topic for this year’s competition is to craft unique masterpieces associated with the year of tolerance. Registration will open on 22nd August and close on 17th October, before the works-of-art are evaluated for their style and creativity by an elite jury panel.

Participating is simple – applicants will have the option to submit images of a painting or sculpture through this link: Candidates will also have the option to edit and resubmit their work if they wish during the two-month submission period, giving you the time to evolve your painting or sculpture if you wish. Only one piece of work can be submitted by each applicant – please refer to the competition rules for further information.

Once all creations have been captured on 17th October 2019, shortlisting will start. Chosen for their passion for supporting and growing the local art scene, the panel of judges will individually rate all submissions in relation to the criteria set by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. Even though the jury members will judge each piece of artwork, they will not be able to view what the other jury have chosen. Following the rating, the five shortlisted applicants will be depicted from the results.

The shortlisted candidates plus the winner will be announced on/or before 31st October 2019, and from there, the live wall painting will begin. Shoppers and tourists visiting the Waterfront Market will have a chance to witness the winning mural in progress from 1st November 2019, and the artwork and sculpture will be unveiled to the public after completion.

The competition is part of the Waterfront Market’s community-focused initiatives and supported by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.The deadline for submission is on 17th October 2019. For more information, please visit the application page of the website.